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Care Crew

Alon Kramer, DVM, DACVS

Diplomate American College of Veterinary Surgeons

After receiving my DVM degree from the University of California, Davis, I completed a year-long internship at Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital in California, where I focused on small animal surgery and medicine. Following my internship, I returned to the University of California at Davis for a 3-year small animal surgery residency. Upon concluding that intense residency and attaining ACVS board certification, I worked one year as staff surgeon at a Santa Cruz, California referral practice, after which I joined a multi-specialty practice in Portland, Oregon where I was an associate surgeon for more than three years. I was then invited to work with Cornell University Veterinary Specialists at their multi-specialty private/academic hybrid advanced care facility in New England, where I had a central role in creating, establishing and operating the hospital’s surgery department. Though the work was rewarding, my family and I underestimated our deep ties to and affection for the Pacific Northwest area, and we returned to Portland in 2012.

My surgical interests and experience include all aspects of orthopedic and soft-tissue surgery as well as neurosurgery. I get immense satisfaction from my profession, but veterinary medicine is not all that I am about. After three years of military service and long before veterinary school, I lived in Europe for close to two years and spent a full year traveling in Asia. I’ve also explored Western and Eastern Europe, North, South and Central America. I enjoy camping, long-distance running, gardening, and reading. Most of all, I cherish time spent with my human and animal family.

Orit Kramer Orit Kramer
Business and Marketing manager

Orit Kramer

Business and Marketing Manager

I have a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a Master’s in business/communications. I’m passionate about design, and believe it is much more than a physical appearance on a paper or a website: it’s also a way to creatively approach challenges and problems. I believe that design-driven thinking builds a better business, better workplace, better relationships, and a better society.

Since I have always had pets, it feels natural for me to combine my innate love for animals. with my interest in design and business/communications, and I am proud to bring my skills to an innovative organization like OREV.

Prior to my life in design, I served in the military for two years, which was quite an adventure (for everyone’s safety, it’s good that it’s over,)! I’ve traveled in Asia, Europe, and North, Central, and South America—Africa’s next. I appreciate art and witty design. I enjoy outdoor activities. I love to read, and am inspired by, and curious about smart and interesting people, their lives, their animals, and their stories. I do my best to be open to change, and to learn new things every day.

Douglas Cook, CVT Douglas Cook, CVT
Nursing Supervisor

Doug – Douglas Cook, CVT

Nursing Supervisor

I have almost 20 years experience in veterinary medicine. Throughout this time I have worked with general practitioners, internal medicine specialists, anesthesiologists, and board certified surgeons. Over the last 10 years my main focus has been within surgical specialty.

Knowing I can help make a difference in the longevity and life-quality of someone’s special pets helps me wake up every morning and come to work with a smile. My favorite aspect of working in veterinary surgery is being able to take part in fixing an animal’s problem, then seeing them come back for their rechecks feeling better than they did during their initial exam.

Outside of work I love spending time with my family (my partner Maria and my handsome wiener dog Frank) and going on adventures together. I also love creative arts and dabble in dance, fire poi (fire dancing), photography and digital graphics.

Marci Brown Marci Brown
CVT, Lead night nurse

Marci Brown, CVT

Lead night nurse

I think my path to a career in small animal medical care began with nursing abandoned fledglings back to health as a child. Every spring there would be at least a few disrupted nests which resulted in babies that needed to be cared for and I remember begging my parents to let me take care of “Just one more”. After High School I attended the University of Oregon where I competed in track and graduated with an English degree, and then went to work in internet sales in Seattle. Following the tragedy of 9-11 I took another look at the path I was on, remembered those baby chick from my childhood, and decided to re-prioritize my work life. I quit my job, moved to Colorado and enrolled in the Bel-Rea Academy to become a Veterinary Technician. After graduation I moved back home to the Pacific Northwest and have spent the majority of my career in specialty vet clinics focusing on internal medicine and working with board certified internists. In addition to working with small animals and their human families, what keeps me happy, and busy, is my husband, our 3 young children, 2 dogs, a myriad of craft projects, gardening, jogging and playing video games!

Michelle Arnold Michelle Arnold, CVT

Michelle Arnold, CVT

I've learned to never settle, and to work for and toward my goals and desires.
I've always had a passion for animals and medicine, which inspired me to attain a certificate in veterinary assisting from Carrington College in 2012. I then went on to graduate from the veterinary technician program at PCC, and became a certified technician in 2015. During school, I was an intern at Dove Lewis and the Emergency Clinic of Tualatin. I also worked for the Cat Adoption Team as a veterinary assistant for 3 years.

Outside of work I enjoy going on long hikes and running. I support underground Portland black/thrash/death metal bands and attend frequent shows (and my fiance’ is teaching me how to play drums)!

Elle Hohn, CVT Elle Hohn, CVT

Elle Hohn, CVT

I grew up in a very large family: four brothers, five sisters (four of whom are adopted), and have wanted to help animals since I was very young. Since graduating from PCC in 2010 with a degree in Animal Science, I’ve worked in veterinary general practice, oncology, and surgery; but surgery is my passion. Being an integral member of a team that heals a sick or broken pet gives me a huge amount of satisfaction. I love seeing animals go home happier and healthier.

I love music, too. I have been playing the violin since I was four years old, and currently play in in the second violin section in the Beaverton Symphony Orchestra. I also enjoy camping and hiking with my son, James, and our dog Sparrow, named after James’s favorite character, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Jocelyn Sutherland, Client Care Specialist Jocelyn Sutherland, Client Care Specialist

Jocelyn Sutherland, Client Care Specialist

As the child of a zookeeper, naturally, I grew up an animal lover. My mother was always upset with me because I would bring home a stray cat, a stray dog, a bird with a broken wing…. the list can go on. There were only so many animals one could have. I’ve always had an interest in rehabilitating animals and setting them free. 

I attended Graceland University on a full scholarship to play soccer, and acquired a BA in Communications. After graduating, I dabbled in public relations and realized that I needed to be doing something with and around animals. I went on to work at a doggie daycare for just over 8 years. I learned so much about dog behavior and breeds. Needless to say, it was extremely fun and interesting.  However, as time went on, I found myself wanting to learn more and be a part of the healing and rehabilitation process. With such a strong desire to love, comfort and support all animals and their owners, it’s no surprise that I found my niche as a client care specialist here at OREV.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our corgi Khedira, hiking, camping and snowboarding.