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Baxter's Story - Hip Dysplasia

Baxter, a BMD big pup, came to visit Dr. Kramer when he was 16 weeks old. Baxter’s owner noticed that he had an odd gait in his back end; he looked wobbly, loose, and his stifles looked like they would “pop” laterally when he walked. On exam, Baxter’s stifles were normal. However, he had significant bilateral hip laxity, with associated abnormal swaying gait and a moderate degree of hip discomfort.

The significant hip laxity, a precursor of hip dysplasia, was causing the wobbly appearance and a dynamic limb rotation during gait.

Early intervention via juvenile procedure - JPS (Juvenile pubic symphsiodesis) - was discussed. The procedure aims at arresting the growth through the central growth plate of the pelvis (the pubic symphysis), which over time causes increased acetabular coverage over the femoral head. This procedure needs to be done at an early age, typically within the first four months of life.

Baxter’s procedure was brief and uneventful. Over the following months, he has shown improved gait, decrease in hip discomfort and decreased bilateral hip laxity. We’re looking forward to seeing Baxter again in 6 months. Meanwhile, Baxter and his people are now enjoying an active, pain-free lifestyle.

JPS is a unique procedure that utilizes the early phases of growth to address young patients with hip dysplasia. Early diagnosis and intervention are paramount to the success of this procedure.