7637 SW 33rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97219
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I've been loving animals for as long as I can remember and working in veterinary medicine became the best path for me to give back to the pets who've loved me throughout my life. I had plans to become a veterinarian and graduated undergrad from Washington State University, but I found I had a hidden passion for nursing before I got into my grad program. Throughout my career I've worked in three states and on every shift, mostly in emergency medicine and on overnights. I have a passion for transfusion medicine, learning everything I can about pain management, and using my emergency medicine skills. Here at OREV I am getting to focus my skills and care more on individual patients and their progress through surgery and into recovery. I love that I am able to spend the extra time to help each pet, and their person, be comfortable throughout their time with us.

Outside of work, I now get to spend more time with my beloved wife and our wild child. I also love reading tarot, hiking the PNW, trying to tire out my Standard Poodle Fraggle's vast reservoir of energy, and cuddling with my old lady dog Willow Mae. Seeing the sun now and again is also nice!