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This is Fletcher…

When he was about a year old he came to visit Dr. Kramer at OREV. He was limping on his front limbs, and got diagnosed with severe bilateral elbow medial coronoid disease (a major component of elbow dysplasia).

Fletcher had a combined minimally-invasive arthroscopic surgery as well as a "unloading bone-release" surgery that can help with this condition (bilateral elbow arthroscopy assessment and treatment, and bilateral proximal ulnar release osteotomy).

After surgery Fletcher had bandages on both of his front limbs. We saw him every 2-4 weeks for rechecks. He was always so happy to see us, and was a wonderful patient throughout the long recovery period. Fletcher's people showed great spirit, struggling to keep him quiet and calm!!!

Fletcher's long recovery story has a happy ending. Fletcher's has healed well, and in spite of a severe elbow condition is now able to walk, hike, run, jump and swim in the lake.

We miss seeing this goofball of energy, but we're so happy to know that he is somewhere with his people having the best time of his life, every day all over again.