7637 SW 33rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97219
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Kayla McNutt Clinic Assistant

Ever since I was young, I remember my life being surrounded with animals. We always had multiple family pets and from a young age I was riding horses and showing sheep at fairs. Animals were always a part of the family and I couldn't imagine myself not having pets. I have a three year old Staffordshire Terrier named Chaser that is absolutely spoiled-rotten by me, but he is my son... As well as a four year old Bearded Dragon named Chong.

Outside the workplace I am a lady of many hobbies. I run my own jewelry and crystal business called Skyline Minerals. I started silversmithing over two years ago and love keeping an old art alive. Photography is also an important hobby of mine. I take pictures of anything and everything. Family portraits, senior portraits, nature, and of course pets. Last but not least, Race cars. I was raised around all sorts of American classics, and when I grew to the age of driving, it was a hobby I could not avoid. I now own my own race car and have fallen head over heels for the sport I am in. I have been consistently racing at the track for a year and a half now and will continue to do so. It is such a thrill and I have learned so much in just my short time of racing. I even have an awesome teammate that we tackle events together. You can catch me out at Pats Acres Racing Complex pretty much every drift event!