7637 SW 33rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97219
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Lauren Russell Client Care Specialist

I’ve been an animal aficionado since before I can even remember. My childhood photos generally feature at least one family pet per frame. When all of the other children at school were scoping out picture books, you’d find me reading dog encyclopedias cover to cover instead.

I’m a PNW native, but made my way east via Gallaudet University. I’ve been in the veterinary field since 2014 in various client service and administrative positions. I’ve worked in primary care, emergency, and specialty veterinary hospitals on the east and west coast. I’ve been there - and will continue to be there - to support clients through it all with their pets. I love what I do because I get to help people help their pets live their best lives.

When I’m not doing something animal-related, you can find me:

  • Exploring outside in the PNW while simultaneously attempting not to get sun burnt
  • Napping
  • Practicing American Sign Language
  • Applying aloe vera to my inevitable sunburns