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Portland, OR 97219
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Orit Business and Marketing Manager

I have a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a Master’s in business/communications. I’m passionate about design, and believe it is much more than a physical appearance on a paper or a website: it’s also a way to creatively approach challenges and problems. I believe that design-driven thinking builds a better business, better workplace, better relationships, and a better society.

Since I have always had pets, it feels natural for me to combine my innate love for animals. with my interest in design and business/communications, and I am proud to bring my skills to an innovative organization like OREV.

Prior to my life in design, I served in the military for two years, which was quite an adventure (for everyone’s safety, it’s good that it’s over,)! I’ve traveled in Asia, Europe, and North, Central, and South America—Africa’s next. I appreciate art and witty design. I enjoy outdoor activities. I love to read, and am inspired by, and curious about smart and interesting people, their lives, their animals, and their stories. I do my best to be open to change, and to learn new things every day.